Heavy-duty protective wrapping for all types of luggages. This quick and easy service enables passengers to get their luggage wrapped in less than 5 min. A special machine wraps each individual item of luggage in a plastic resin protective blue film – Protect My Bag Blue Film - that is fully recyclable and non-toxic.

The film, which can be stretched by as much as 200%, adheres perfectly to different shapes and surfaces. Thanks to its high resistance, adaptability to extreme temperature changes and multiple wrapping layers, it protects luggage from humidity, rain, marks and accidental opening.


Fast, easy, convenient, efficient; This is our service.
We come to you, wrap and weight your bag for only 7€/Item, ready to go for your next destination. 

Protect My Bag Barcelona

BAGGAGE Insurance

It is not uncommon for a traveler to arrive at their destination only to find out that their luggage has been lost. To protect your valuables, Baggage Insurance can help you if you suddenly find yourself without your possessions.


Recycle the blue film we use to wrap your luggage. This film is recyclable and non-toxic .

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